Since opening a few months ago I've been pretty keen to try SEQUEL BY PARLOUR HAIR! I know Tom and Sebastian and they are both wonderfully creative real good guys so I let my mane get out of control and went along to see Tom for a fresh cut! So into the result ..   sooo space!

(in hindsight a before picture of it down would have worked as a better example)   
 sequel salon selfie


OK so there's been heaps going through my head in the last week. Some important things to note.

SPORTSROMEO now has a blog and you should pop over and look at it because we've been busy buying fabric and being super relevant stylists. ha. CAKEY has been makin shoes which has me excited, I'm working on patterns, and continue to develop our first range. literally the most important thing happening right now.

ALSO in the last post I wrote about bikini's that I made for Cakey as she competed in the INBA's. Here's a better photo of the bikini's (and Cakey's ripped abs!) Click on this LINK to see the whole day as documented by her.

Lastly, where do I even start with how excited I get with fabric development. My latest obsession is with NIKE'S TECH FLEECE range which is super practical and comfortable AND HAS THE MOST INSANE HOOD ON SOMETHING I'VE EVER OWNED. (the hood is kinda halfway on in the pic) I also got the pants (and another pair of fly knits because it's like wearing socks people!). 


My good friend CAKEY SPORTSMAN is competing in the INBA bodybuilding competition this weekend asked me if I would be interested in making her bikini for the comp. And I was like hey yea why not. After a bunch of fittings, broken needles, re-cuts, and an "omg if I can't get this thing to fit right I'm going to die of embarrassment" - IT'S DONE! This photo has really blasted everything out I'm just not hugely into warm lighting. And so here's my amateur photo with flash.

>> actual photos soon <<