I didn't come to appreciate the full extent of the Donna vibe until the day it got me fired. I didn't fit in and so like a last season whatever I was discarded from my fashion design job. (My first fashion design job - at a mass market favourite.)

Seriously it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me! And I don't even mean that in a OMG I'm actually crushed but whatever I know I'm cool. Because as jerked up as it sounds I am actually at least a bit next level - I got fired for not fitting in an office of basics. It's like the highest compliment I've ever been praised. AND just like that Donna took over. All day everyday I have the luxury of blasting off into the world as myself a designer and creator of the DONNA ROMEO vibe.

I've wanted to start a blog for ages. Like I think a few years, but I never thought I had anything valid to say. And now I'm like who cares, whatever I'm saying has to be at least as valid as what other bloggers are saying. So here I am. When it comes down to it I can't really condense my whole vibe into this about me page, so you know you're just gonna have to keep coming back. I'm gonna say that this is mainly because I am a gemini and a) I'm kinda getting bored with writing this about me thing and b) because the things I like change all the time. I've consistently liked dark baggy t-shirts almost my whole life. That's all you're gonna get though.

OH AND  >> I'm pretty into my friend and creative idol CAKEY SPORTSMAN. She is like the most next level creator I know. I followed her on blogger from way back, and then actually met her and was like oh noo she's gonna be way too cool for me and it took me ages to talk to her. Which sounds like I have a weirdo crush on her. But you know I did, and we are friends. Anyway the point is we've started a label SPORTSROMEO and we are just stoked on it. Fuckin hilarious!

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